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Alan Howell

Can Be Described As

Stylish. Accommodating. Creative. Kind. Collected. Genuine.

Spends His Spare Time

Running. Watching Anime. Shopping. Playing Nintendo Switch. Going to Art Museums.

If Alan Were a Band

Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Mary Beth Massey

Can Be Described As

Joyful. Outgoing. Giggly. Quick-witted. Go-getter. Funny. Wife. Dog Mom.

Spends Her Spare Time

Biking. Going to Jags Games & Events. Crafting. Drinking Cherry Coke Zero. Eating Mexican Food.

If Mary Beth Were a Band

Kings of Leon.

Haden Sirmon

Can Be Described As

Thoughtful. Goofy. Genuine. Reliable. Curious. Adventurous. Wife. Mom. Dog Mom.

Spends Her Spare Time

Beach. Audiobooks. Dance Parties. Crafting. Game Night. Walking her Golden Retriever.

If Haden Were a Band

Glass Animals or alt-J.

Jon Coxwell

Can Be Described As

Hip. Easy-Going. Witty. Mysterious. Stylish. Artistic. Husband. Dad. Cat Dad.

Spends His Spare Time

Painting. Whiskey. Drawing. Music. House Projects.

If Jon Were a Band

ZZ Top.

Chelsea Followwell

Can Be Described As

Chill. Athletic. Cool. Creative. Free Spirit. Adaptive. Happy. Dog & Cat Mom.

Spends Her Spare Time

EDM Festivals. Perusing Conspiracy Theories. Art. Snacks.

If Chelsea Were a Band

Paramore or Pussycat Dolls.

Kristin Black

Can Be Described As

Kind. Thoughtful. Great Listener. Supportive. Compassionate. Wife. Cat Mom.

Spends Her Spare Time

Traveling. Wine Tasting. Beach. Scuba. Tea. Puzzles.

If Kristin Were a Band

Wants to be Beck. But, admittedly more James Taylor.

Jessica Wohner

Can Be Described As

Sweet. Knowledgeable. Quiet. Problem Solver. Organized. Loyal. Kind. Wife.

Spends Her Spare Time

Church. Family. Hiking. Traveling to the Mountains.

If Jessica Were a Band

Prefers Podcasts.

Whitney Christopher

Can Be Described As

Organized. Confident. Ambitious. Talkative. Wife. Mom. Dog & Cat Mom.

Spends Her Spare Time

Cooking. Wine Tasting. Traveling. Beach Time. Saints.

If Whitney Were a Band

Lady Gaga.

Courtney Harris

Can Be Described As

Artistic. Direct. Creative. Straight-Forward. Generous. Fun. Wife. Dog & Cat Mom.

Spends Her Spare Time

Antiquing. Peloton. Cocktail Mixing. Mid-Century Furniture.

If Courtney Were a Band

Florence & The Machine.

S. Jarrod England

Can Be Described As

Thorough. Clever. Dedicated. Detailed. Cool Dude. Husband. Boy Dad. Dog & Cat Dad.

Spends His Spare Time

CrossFit. Smoking Meats. Yard Work. Wine. Bourbon. Music. Outdoors.

If Jarrod Were a Band

The National.